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In the following, we have compiled for you extended information about the types of cleaning services of Extra Clean company and how to adapt them to your cleaning needs.

The services of the Extra Clean company are individually adapted to all the needs of the organizing, neatness and cleanliness in the residential environment and include, among others: thorough cleaning of the living space, cleaning and polishing of windows and blinds, in-depth disinfection of the bathrooms and toilets, performing polishing work to flooring surfaces of any kind, performing organizing operations tailored to the needs of the customer and a wide range of cleaning services that allow each and every customer to enjoy a clean, neat and polished living environment. Our company provides services throughout the State of Israel
and is renowned as a veteran and professional company. The company is managed by Yohanan Shaltiel

 Address: HaTivunim 24 , Tel Aviv ,israel

tel: 592-505358473

Our cleaning services

The cleaning services of Extra Clean company, one of the most professional and recommended cleaning companies in Israel, focus on all the cleaning needs required in any residential, work or public environment, these include: carrying out polishing work according to the type of surfaces, thorough, comprehensive cleaning services in all residential facilities or work spaces, disinfection and meticulous cleaning of bathrooms, dust removal using advanced equipment, cleaning services for shared gardens, private gardens, balconies and public yards, organizing and tidying up services adapted to the residential / work environment, cleaning of kitchen cabinets and closets and a wide range of additional professional cleaning services tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Frequency of our cleaning services

The services of Extra Clean Company can be hired according to the organizing and cleaning needs you want and those that suit you. We provide our customers with periodic cleaning and tidying services intended mainly for the purpose of carrying out polishing work of flooring surfaces in the apartment or at home, frequent cleaning and tidying up services that take place between once and three times a month or as part of weekly cleaning services in which you have a professional and experienced cleaning team at your disposal, that comes to your apartment once a week and quickly and efficiently clean your environment – in any frequency you choose. We are sure that once you experience
our high level of service, you will find it difficult not wanting to book with us regularly.

In conclusion, the services of Extra Clean company that specializes in cleaning private homes and residential apartments, will also allow you to enjoy a tidy, organized, and clean living environment, all in accordance with the cleaning needs you need at any given moment.

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